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Broken policies

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Guest recomandari

Topic Title: Broken policies regarding the feedback process
TruckersMP ID: 2426565
URL: https://truckersmp.com/feedback/view/16439 or any feedback ticket, I assume
Server Time / Date: 21:00 / 05.12.2018 or any time, I assume
How to reproduce: Create a feedback ticket and then embrace God, because only He can help you through this.

Browser: Microsoft Edge or any browser, I assume

Screenshots/ Videos: What about text?


Hi there,
I trust you are doing splendidly and enjoying the season.

I hereby ask you kindly to forward this message to the ones responsible with your website maintenance, as this might be a bug or your policies are broken.

I currently have a feedback ticket opened.
This ticket was created on 21.11.2018.
The Upper Staff replied on 25.11.2018 and I immediately replied again, 25.11.2018.
Then the Upper Staff replied on 29.11.2018 and let me know that:

"This feedback ticket will be marked as Finished in 48 hours from this comment if no further comment is made".

This instance did not happen when it was appointed to (i.e. "Finished in 48 hours from this comment"); instead, it happened on 04.12.2018.
From 29.11.2018 to 04.12.2018 the time period is far greater than the 48 hours mentioned.
Even more, this information, that the ticket is now finished, came in form of a reply from the Upper Staff, not as a no-reply automatic message as it should be.

In this last reply, I'm informed that "In case you don't reply after one week, this ticket will be automatically Closed."

Today, 05.12.2018, I urgently need to create another feedback ticket, but hitting the button "New Feedback" returned with the message: "You have created a Feedback less than 3 days ago. You must wait 3 days before creating a new one." or this is not true, because my ticket was created on 21.11.2018, 14 days ago.

I also have a distinctive feeling that I will not be able to create a new ticket unless the current one is closed, or this procedure will take a ridiculous amount of time: my last reply was on 25.11; Upper Staff reply should have been on 29.11 - but instead, it bugged the ticket on 04.12. with a new reply instead of a no-reply automatic message of finishing the ticket.

Thus, I am supposed to wait from 29.11 (last genuine reply) or 25.11 (my last reply) to 12.12 or this is unacceptable. The 48 hours were actually 5 days and now I have 1 entire week to wait more "In case you don't reply after one week, this ticket will be automatically Closed."

This policy of double-marking the ticket - finished and closed - is taking too long for no reason. The 48 hours after the last reply should be the deadline of the ticket and then the ticket should get automatically closed by a robot.

Being able to send 1 feedback ticket in 20 days (22.11-12.12) gives me the impression that you don't actually want any feedback to be sent.
This thread here itself was meant to be a feedback ticket, but there is no chance to create one, especially since there is another urgent business to be reported via the feedback system.

Have a nice day and please do take care!

[email protected]


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Thank you for taking your time and writing this, however this is not a bug report but more of a suggestion. We do want your feedback, however you cannot spam the feedback system hence the 3 day period between submissions. The wording of finishing messages will be fixed. 

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