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Variable message board behind the Police car

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A Variable message board behind the police car.



This Variable message board displays messages like "SLOW DOWN", "WARNING ACCIDENT", "STAY BEHIND US", "FOLLOW ME", "<<<<", ">>>>", "CLOSED",...




(an exemple of the Variable message board behind this police car)


Why should it be added ?

It can be added to warn players of an accident on the road, a closed road,...

It can be added to a better traffic regulation.

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Hello, @HérissonMan,


Thank you so much for your suggestion, however we are going to have to decline it at this time. While this would be an amazing feature, it is not practical for normal online play. Game moderators would not use something like this as most players would not see it or follow the instructions. Instead a GM's best tool is their red name that shows up when they type in the chat. That is more sufficient as all players can see it within a wide area and it is very noticeable. However, this suggestion might be used for upcoming Real Operations events as it is realistic.


// Rejected 

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