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Syncing weather and road events.


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Syncing weather and road events:


Suggestion Description:


Heya. I have an idea what we could add to tmp. 


As you may know currently in truckersmp weather and random road events arent synced.


I am aware that these 2 things are very hard to complete. But since the time is synced why not set up a cycle that in certain ammount of time (example every 30 minutes it would rain or whatever. It can be set up to different parts of map for example) imagine the possibilities it could bring. Having snow for everyone so everyone would need to slow down since they wouldnt be able to see. 


Moving on. Synced road works.

Again it would create more realistic behaviour in drivers playing the game. Roadworks car crashes etc. It would make the game experience in multiplayer feel more real. Ofcourse it would need to be set up correctly so we dont get random road works on calais duisburg road.


Any example images: Pictures Not Needed.


Why should it be implemented:

I would say it would create more realistic scenarious and behaviour in players. The roads are slippery when it rains - this is already a thing in game. Why not bring it even further by syncing weather so people would have to behave correctly. 


Why it should be implemented?

Realism and realistic behaviour in players. More fun due to some traffic jams. And so on


ill be happy to answer any questions regarding my idea. And ill be happy to hear your opinions on this. 


Thank you for your time.

Sincerly Matthew P. / TheGoodGuy1515

Have a good day


P.S: i am aware i suggested 2 topics. I believe it could still be accepted as one Topic for the reason i am discussing syncing already existing items. Thank you,

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