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[REJECTED] How to use the /Fix Command

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let's start at the beginning.


what does the fix command do?
it is a command that is used when you have damage on your vehicle.
you can have it repaired if you use the command without using the service.


How does it work?
Required to have a trailer or a caravan.
If you have a trailer or a caraven on your vehicle you can use the /fix command by writing /fix in your chat (can take within seconds)

You can not use it after each other, after using it you have to wait 580 seconds each time you use it.

How can I best use it

So you've just had an accident and your damage is 100% and you're on the road, what to do?


  • Use the / fix command and continue drive.


  • you can not start your engines and you have to wait a few seconds:

       It is best to use F7 to leave the dangerous place and avoid blocking.


  • you have 100% damage and you can continue driving but you have to wait a few seconds: 

         Drive towards the emergency lane (if there are no 25+ players) and wait until your seconds are over OR use F7 if there are 25+ players in the area.


-Hinter like to give hints :D

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