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[REJECTED] Shifting on the Skoda (car) Real Automatic

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I and my friends have had a problem for quite some time now with the Skoda car, it will not change gears when being put to "Real Automatic" on the (Controls -> Transmission) settings.

So I decided to figure out a way to change gears "normally".



Normally, when you put it in drive and then gain some speed the gar should change gears on its own. Instead of that when you put it in drive (A1) it will just move and rev without changing gears (limiting your speed and making a lot of noise).

What I do in order to change gears without a problem, I just shift back to neutral and then quickly shift to Drive.



A1--> N --> A2 --> N --> A3 --> N --> A4 --> N --> A5



Hope I helped anyone that has the same problem. :):)



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