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[ADD-ON]Skoda car optimalization

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Hello everyone,

I've been riding with Skoda superb a lot recently and I've noticed a few thing that need to be modifiend a little.


Here's a small list of those things:

1. Engine RPMs - why is a maximum rpm value for a petrol engine 5500 while red line a way higher? And why is the torque curve set the way I lose most power after 4000 RPMs?

2. Transmission shifting - when I have the game set to automatic shifting and I press the pedal to the metal, RPMs go to maximum and it takes another few seconds and then the transmission finally shifs. Simply terrible.

3. Automatic transmission -First of all, when you set the game to the automatic shifting and you use the default transmission, it's NOT automatic transmission, just automated - and that's a huge difference, because the shifting times are so long, so it's a pity that there's no automatic transmission yet

4. This one is not that important, but it would be nice to get it right - the mirror in the middle could use some sort of a zoom, because I don't want to see my seat :D


So that's hopefuly all I don't like about this car and I'd love to see these things fixed.


Thanks for hearing me out!


PS: I know I didn't follow the request format, but I think that these things should be together, since they are about a single vehicle :).

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