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[OTHER]Action on the road

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Suggestion Name : News on the road

Suggestion Description : You know, a lot of players have a lot of fun playing on ETS2MP, others too, but their old ones .. and some of the missing elements in multiplayer. Me, he chose that I did not miss on ETS2MP, it's events (not counting the routers of the MAJ 1.31).

So here, as I just said, on the road, are for me, have chosen to miss ETS2MP, for me, it adds more "life" multiplayer, although, she is already present. Let me explain, when I talk about a road event, it is for example events that involve administrators and players. For example, Event, it can have a small organized chase between a player and an administrator, where there is a little everywhere in the map. I can give another example if you want it: a big accident, an always organized, where as an example, two trucks fits and blocks the entire track and subsequently the accident and unblocks the road (for example). There are still many more adventures.

So, yes, indeed, you will tell me, it does not change the paths of players, but I think of all those who have more actions of life in the game of players. I am aware, it will not pass the game of players, but it's a bit of novelty.

Any example images : No

Why should it be added ? : For more action and life in multiplayer



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