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Question to Developers: Key bind


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A lot of time ago when mwl4 presented Scout on stream, i asked him about key binds and when will we be able to change key for CB radio, he said that he planning to make key binds in next 3or4 updates. A lot of years left from that moment and i want to ask same question. Will we be able to change key bind(example: key for cb radio) and when?

p.s by bind i mean change key for talk in CB(x) on another key

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Personally, I do not even remember that he has said that. Either way, if it was the case, this simple thing was just forgotten because he had more important things to develop at the time. As of now, he is not less busy as I can confirm myself. In that sense, it will likely take very long until a full hotkey support is actually brought to the game. 


As a small workaround, you could use the "/channel x" option to switch to another channel. Sadly, there is no command to mute the CB entirely, you can just switch to channel 0 if you are being disturbed by other players. We apologise for that long waiting time but as mwl4 is the only person who actively develops the multiplayer itself, it will necessarily take a lot of time.



Kind regards,


TruckersMP Community Manager




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