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About report user TruckersMPID



hello to everyone,


first time i make a report..so i need your help.


when i fill the form about reporting,it ask me the " TruckersMPID " from /pinfo or somethink like that.


the accident made yesterday so i cant find the " TruckersMPID " of this user that i want to report,i upload an video on youtube etc..if someone can help me i will be glad.




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Hey there :)


However if you forgot to write /pinfo during the game, know that you can find the TruckersMP ID on the website of TruckersMP.



Follow these steps:
1-) Connect to your TruckersMP account.
2-) Then use the TruckersMP search tool (The symbol is a magnifying glass) it is located to the right of the "My account" tab.
3-) Then, Write the name of the person that you search.
4-) Then you have to take all the numbers written behind "User/".
For examplehttps://truckersmp.com/user/*******
The TruckersMP ID in this example is represented by the symbol (*).


Can you please look the this topic?


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You have option on TMP site for find username

Write username and find id.

In future in game use /pinfo command.

Ofc. You must have video for report. Just upload on Youtube.

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? Happy Trucking ?

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