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what does it mean Authentificating when you connect to the server?

[qui quae quod]federico


hello , yesterday evening i connected to eu 2 server , when i pushed the botton drive on main menu , after i saw connection estabilished on chat i saw on the top right written authentificating

i noticed than i could open the chat but i couldnt show the players list , then i stop my car and use f7 to go to officine , i reconnected to eu2 and the written authentificating didnt reappear .

i noticed that when i spowned on rest area and appared authentificating on the top righT i drove for 1 km and i didnt  saw other players ( on a scandinavia motorway ).


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In simple terms, it's establishing a connection between you and the server, and then (I'm not 100% sure on how the client works) the client sends a token to verify that you are actually you. Once it does, it means you're authenticated and can connect under your account.


If, for some reason, the authentication would fail, you wouldn't be able to connect. I would assume it's to make sure no one can give false credentials to log in on another account without a password.

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