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how can i find the truckmp id ?



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First solution:

Go to truckersmp.com, search for the name, find their profile and copy the TruckersMP ID from their profile link.




Second solution:

Find the spawn log of the respective day which is located at Documents/ETS2MP/logs, open it with any text editor and search (ctrl+F) for the name. The entry of the name will also tell you the TMP ID.



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Hi! @Mahdioqaili You can find his Truckersmp ID by using /pinfo <player id> code. For example:

  • Someone hit you and his id: 300. 
  • Type /pinfo 300 and you'll see his Steam id, Truckersmp id and other things about him.
Also you can use the search tool and find his profile. 
When you find his profile, just check the adress bar, you'll see some numbers. Those numbers are his truckersmp id. Good luck! ^_^
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