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How can I create a company?



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Hi Greytous,


Welcome to the forums. 



What you are talking about is a VTC (Virtual Trucking Company). 


All the details are listed below in a separate guide, regarding how to set one up as well as what exactly VTC's are: 




You can also look around and join a VTC of your choice, or you could even advertise your own VTC, which can be done by following the link found here: https://www.trucksim.org/forums/virtual-trucking-companies.11/   


Alternatively you can advertise via the TruckersMP forums under "companies" in the ETS2 / ATS sections.  

(Note: Advertising your VTC under the TruckersMP forums has a set of requirements to be met. You can find these in more detail under the specific forum sections mentioned above).


I wish you the best of luck. 


Jobs / Deliveries: 

*Additional information, not specifically tailored towards your question*: You can also ensure you and your friends have the same jobs by following the instructions on another guide - 


Regarding tracking your deliveries for your VTC, 'VTM Live' is a good application - All the relevant information is specified in an external link - http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/vtmlive 


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