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Automatic Headlights Advisory


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On 6/15/2017 at 6:44 PM, BombZ said:

The managers are already warning :)


While this is true, I can see why it'd still be beneficial for them to have an automatic system.

Admins and other staff wouldn't have to worry about posting these alerts as much, as no admin would have to take responsibility for being on and perhaps not posting about the headlights when they were supposed to.


Many other reasons as well, that is just one that I would see standing out to being beneficial.

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As with the recent updates of the client and TruckersMP Rules, this has now been implemented.

The only difference regarding the timing (1600Hours - 0700Hours) is due to the winter mod in effect.




Will revert back to default (1900Hours - 0700Hours) once the winter mod is removed from the client.



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 Ex - GM & FM (S.E.A)

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