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Evo -Skycat-


So i don't have this Super PC but i've noticed a Drop when playing the latest Update to MP..  Singleplayer i have no issue with FPS. it never Drops one bit...  online  getting near trucks, or city's and my FPS goes from 60+ down to 35 or below (Big citys)  but i only have a Radeon R7 200.   its not  a big drop but its a drop.     but my friend has a bigger problem.  he has to 980's in SLI  and he goes from 80+  to 15 fps...  sinlgeplayer he is over 100+ like normal...  what changed in MP that is killing FPS? if there is a setting to turn down to stop it let me know...  


A month ago when we played we Never had these FPS drops and they only happen in MP

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this can be the triggers.

  • Sometimes all members in the servers has low FPS, because the servers are sometimes overloaded
  • With the new DLCs the servers are very busy and then are FPS drops possible
  • Or you have a wireless Internet access connection
  • And  for some time i have also big FPS drops with a very good internet access (in high traffic areas)

I hope this are not stupid triggers because i am a noob:D

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On 3/29/2017 at 7:16 PM, EvoNeiko said:

online  getting near trucks, or city's and my FPS goes from 60+ down to 35 or below (Big citys)


In multiplayer you will experience a lot of frame drops especially when entering large cities with many other players. This is primarily down to the strain being put on the GPU and CPU when high populated areas of players (such as cities) are being rendered by your computer hardware. Each player / model needs to be individually rendered; hence the lag you experience. The reason you do not experience any lag in singleplayer is due to your hardware not having to render many players / models all at once. 


Unfortunately, even the strongest of computers find it hard to avoid FPS drops, however you can follow what I said below to improve your computers performance and possibly gain some more FPS:




1. Right click windows task pane --> Click task manager ---> Head over to the processes tab ---> Find ets2.exe ---> Right click then go to priority and set it to high.


2. Putting your 'scaling' down in the graphics settings of ETS2 will help. Having 300 % / 400 % scaling is really not the best ideas in populated areas so dropping to 200 % - 100 % may be a wiser option. Yes your game will not look as nice, but it certainly will boost your FPS.   


3. Another thing you can do is go to control panel ---> hardware and sounds ---> power options --> click on "high performance". (Note it uses more power but will help boost fps).


4. Try to "Unpark" your cores. - This definitely improved my system as well as others. Take a look here for the instructions + the application needed http://coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility


5. Reducing mirror quality / distance to medium or if really needed high. Don't go to ultra, it really reduces your FPS.


6. Grass density - Keep this on low (High takes a lot of FPS)


7. Reflections - Putting this on medium will save FPS, especially considering all of the players around you will add to the strain of the GPU to render the reflections from individual trucks. 

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