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VTC - Advancement


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Suggestion Name:  Virtual Truck Company Advancements


Suggestion Description:

Well i have notices the input of VTC already but i feel to add to the multiplayer of TruckerMP and the involvement in a VTC I feel it would be a good idea to add a VTC headquarters, similar to that of a garage or even if it was just a web page online, This will enable company to grow and the employees of that company to participate, so there can be a set number of daily deliveries per trucker per company sort of like a task menu. Once the tasks are done for each delivery the player gets the useall delivery fee, but the company also acquires a fee for providing the service. The company fees are then used to increase certain company areas like with different perks - bare in mind im not in a truck company so some things may be implements but i have seen and heard from friends a majority is not, also im fully aware how difficult this idea may be in coding again its just an idea.


Note: VTC delivery will be done with a VTC designed truck, not ones personal truck, for the purpose of fair play, growth, team play -  This is not to say the trucks will be terrible, for every time the company grows the trucks get better, and the company unlocks items, so just like playing solo this VTC version will be a group participation


Company Headquarters: The business side of things each level increases the the bonus each employee gets per delivery, such as level 1 will provide a 1% increase in delivery payouts and level 5 may offer a 10%

Company Garage: The high the garage level the more employees a company can obtain so a level 1 will offer a standard 5 person and with every level growth another 5 garage slots to be added

Company Mechanics: This is the mechanics of the trucks, so company trucks are different from personal trucks a company truck best example for this will be the external contracts market, so when a player is doing a company job there trucks are limited and the weight load is also limited, along with the trucks durability and power. The mechanics will level up unlocking eventual the ability for the company owner to remove the truck limiter along with better truck durability, engine power suspension acceleration so on and so forth, each level unlocks the ability for the company to purchase better items for the company trucking fleet.

Company chat: This is like a group company chat so a player can switch from world chat to a private company chat and talk private with colleagues sort of like a PM system, would also work great with in wold voice such as trucker radio can talk from anywhere.

Warehouse: Now this is key this feature level determine the number of company jobs a player can do, the higher the ware house the more jobs because the higher the ware house the more intake the company gets of product or virtual product this is key for growth.

Company Bank: Simply just holds the funds of the company as each upgrade will cost the company funds and for challenging purposes probably a considerable amount so all players need to work together and grow together

Agency: This is more optional but if we can incorporate the recruitment agency in multiplayer when VTC acquire this they can advertise within the agency located all over Europe they are looking for drivers for players to pop in hit enter and see who's hiring.

Manufacture: This system is important, the manufacture needs there drops to be and with every level this is the better the jobs the company gets, with better pay and further distances, also the more important jobs such as speedy delivery and flammable liquids.

Dealership: This is just another option but the company's personal dealership can offer the employees of the company a discount on all items and trucks purchase from that specific company - predominantly Scania but if the company drive Volvo then the discount is for Volvo, and the higher the dealerships level the better the discount, max discount level of 20% to 40% - the company also acquire this discount as the company will need to purchase a truck for every employee, thats right the company needs to purchase a truck for every player they recruit for that player to be able to help participate in the company growth, this adds alot of realism and management into play, so company competition increases with this factor, also this gives the player the option to choose what side he/she wants the steering wheel.


Insurance: This is the creme, this is the winner - With all this in mind we will also need a penalty system should someone crash the truck, although im fully aware non VTC players may intentionally go out to cause the company substantial loss on a VTC delivery, there for we may need an insurance policy, this means that any collision with other players means the costs are recovered from the other side and the player involved in the incident pays for the damage, I have seen a few car drivers purposely tip trucks., This being said if the collision is with another truck from another company both doing a VTC drop then each company pays there own fees ( i understand this can be difficult to implement but i feel a trucker or VTC should not be punished financially and have a ruined experience because some there are some players that intentionally harm, it happens) Not essential but optional.



Each upgrade can provide 1 or a few things, and where as some may already be constructed like the headquarters and dealership and a level 1 garage others may need to be constructed, predominantly starting with a bank to hold the funds, then perhaps the warehouse for more jobs. Each upgrade will take a certain amount of time to complete and is not instant and a company can only upgrade 1 thing at a time. In game or on a website, if the company have a base in game i would suggest a mod needed for the garage and no company can be in the same location, for logo purposes as the company logo should be on the map and building, and with each upgrade of the headquarters the warehouse area gets bigger, normal game garage is 5 - I would suggest a more personalized mod to this with thew warehouse getting quite large. Also since there will not be two company's int he same location there will be a limited number of companies available i feel this will as the realism of the game. I also understand this may take allot of server memory or whatever so maybe a premium feature should be importer where a premium member only con for a truck company optional.


Any example images: No i wish XD

Why should it be added?: This will add to the multiplayer aspect, group participation, VTC competition, more involvement with other player. gives each individual player a target rather than just driving lonesomely without any end result. This no longer becomes a drive with other people game but a grow with other people, progress, advance and struggle with your company colleagues



I do understand the amount of time and the difficulty of this suggestion but i would really like to see a more involved multiplayer system for ETS2.

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Very nice and thorough post but similar things have been proposed countless times before and this would require having a server side economy which is very far in the future as far as development is concerned. 


Well that is as far as I know. It was mentioned before that server side economy was only conceivable after SCS dropped official support of ETS2, I know, that's a long ways to go.

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