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How can I use the triplogger at WOTRDB?



Hey guys,

I have big problems with the triplogger at WOTRDB... :(

Yesterday i created an account at this website and I think it's pretty cool. I found out that there is a triplogger.

I installed it successfully with the key.

But when I start ETS2 and accept a job and complete it, nothing changes on WOTRDB... :( 

( While I played ETS2, WOTRDB was opened in the background and I was logged in...)

What are my mistakes? It would be cool, if you prepare a list of the steps in the right order for me.

I already asked in the WOTRDB forum, but there wasn't a helpful answer..


Kind regards, Luds:D

And sorry for my bad English if there are any mistakes :D 

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WOTRDB Support and development team are currently looking into the problem and will try to get it fixed as soon as possible as other people are having this problem.

Matthew Stridgen,

WOTRDB Support Team.

Matthew Prestwood,

Freelance Website Developer


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Hiya @Luds:D,


 You can raise this issue on the WOTRDB Forums, as it doesn't have anything directly related to TruckersMP - https://forum.wotrdb.com/



                                         High End Transport, Driver | WoTRDB, Support and Translator | Freelance Virtual Photographer                                          


Excellence In Motion

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Firstly, this is not the correct forums to be asking about WOTRDB, we have our own forums over at http://forum.wotrdb.com to ask on.


Secondly, please look in the developer console for any commands starting with [Logit], if there is any please screenshot them to me.

Please update me on the situation.




WOTRDB Developer.

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Soarfly Haulage - Memberships Officer


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