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How to invite friends into company



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@Elzzt welcome to TruckersMP. If you wish to create a VTC, please read these requirements: 



To invite your friend to your company should not be a problem, here's a quick guide:


* It is advisable for your VTC to have a unique tag which you add to your steam name. eg SLT | ELzzt

your friend who you want to invite to your company once he/she fulfils your requirements should have the same tag before their name in-game.

* If you have Teamspeak or any other voice chat software, use it for communication whilst playing with your friend or company drivers

* Set up a steam group for your VTC or any other social app that can help or assist you in information sharing, such as time of company convoys or other general information.

*You can create and advertise public convoys for your VTC using http://ets2c.com/this will help your VTC grow and become known in the community.

* Sometimes it is advisable to join an established VTC when you are new to the game, there you'll learn a lot and such knowledge can assist you in starting your own VTC.

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thank you for your replies

I met up with my buddie and we tried accepting the same job at the same location but we ended up doing two separate jobs to opposite locations. How do we make sure we do the same misson so we can drive together?


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we did that, followed the steps:
1 - go to the game console and insert the command just like the video instruction
2- upload the save game
3 - paste the downloaded synced new file
4- go sleep ingame so jobs appear in the list

Then the jobs for the two of us are all different anyway, either in the freight list or quick job.

What are we doing wrong?

Thanks again

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