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ETS2MP and ASTSMP are no longer supported by the 32-bit users. Its 64-bit only I'm afraid. Sorry. You will have to get the 64-bit version to play.



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32bit isn't supported anymore.

thay said so 23 dec. last year, that that release was the last 32bit release, and that 32bit support would end there. And that the next release would be only 64bit. This is because that ats only supports 64bit, and developing the mod for both 32 and 64 bit systems, would take to mutch recorses.

So, 32bit can't be downloaded. better upgrade to 64bit system

Dude, this is an internet forum. You can't expect people to read stuff. Jeez.

And we want players who can behave, I'm afraid we can't have what we want :(

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