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Starting singleplayer against multiplayer...

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Good Morning, XploitCS!

Next time please read the "common problems" topic posted in the help selection on the forums, your problem is actually there.

This is taken from the common problems selection, make sure to try everything out. If it's still not work, please make a reply. -Happy Trucking!

Solution 1)

Make sure you are starting Multiplayer via the downloaded Multiplayer launcher.

Solution 2)
Make sure that you have fully opted out of all the betas and using the latest version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (or downgraded version if required) and made sure that you are also using the latest version of the ETS2MP mod. There's always a chance that you could easily miss a patch for ETS2MP mod, so double check that you are on the latest version.
Solution 3)
Instead of installing your Multiplayer files anywhere, try installing/moving your Multiplayer files into the same folder where Euro Truck Simulator 2 is installed in.
Solution 4)
Make sure your user account is an administrator. Start Steam and ETS2MP as an administrator.
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