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[Game Dev] Issues concerning appearance damage and speed restrictions



I have two questions to inquire about. 


    1. In the game, when accidents occur while driving a truck, aside from displaying a fault, no visible damage is inflicted upon the truck’s appearance, giving it an unmistakable toy truck feel. As a realistic truck simulator, this lack of realism is quite disconcerting! Are there any plans or considerations for addressing this issue in the future? I eagerly await your response.


    2.The TMP speed limit signs seem largely ineffective. Within the EU SIM1 server, I observe that a majority of truck drivers operate at normal speeds exceeding 110 km/h, despite the posted limit being 90 km/h. I believe a speed of 110 km/h should be reserved for temporary overtaking or emergency situations, yet this does not appear to be the case currently. Have there been any thoughts on enforcing a fixed speed limit of 90 km/h on EU SIM1, with a maximum speed not to exceed 90 km/h? Your reply is anticipated.


I hope you know that warm wishes are with you wherever you go!



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