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[ANSWERED][Game Dev] Issues concerning appearance damage and speed restrictions



I have two questions to inquire about. 


    1. In the game, when accidents occur while driving a truck, aside from displaying a fault, no visible damage is inflicted upon the truck’s appearance, giving it an unmistakable toy truck feel. As a realistic truck simulator, this lack of realism is quite disconcerting! Are there any plans or considerations for addressing this issue in the future? I eagerly await your response.


    2.The TMP speed limit signs seem largely ineffective. Within the EU SIM1 server, I observe that a majority of truck drivers operate at normal speeds exceeding 110 km/h, despite the posted limit being 90 km/h. I believe a speed of 110 km/h should be reserved for temporary overtaking or emergency situations, yet this does not appear to be the case currently. Have there been any thoughts on enforcing a fixed speed limit of 90 km/h on EU SIM1, with a maximum speed not to exceed 90 km/h? Your reply is anticipated.


I hope you know that warm wishes are with you wherever you go!



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Hello @Jocelyn,


Thank you for your questions.

  1. This question should be referred to SCS Software, who maintains the vehicle fleet, implements vehicle physics, etc. TruckersMP is primarily a multiplayer modification.
  2. While we strive towards simulation, we have no plans to implement a strict system to enforce speed limit signs. Same as in real life, truck drivers are free to go as fast as they wish, possibly facing punishment for such actions. The upper speed limit is there to establish a safe environment for all players while leaving a gap for the mentioned overtaking and emergency situations.

I hope this answers your questions.




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