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[ANSWERED][CM] Will be there any changes in Requirements for joining TruckersMP Team



Hello there, 


First of all, kindly thanks for giving us opportunity to ask any question we're interested about. 


My question is, will be there any changes in requirements for joining TruckersMP Team.? 


Any example? 


As an example I would you requirements about forum punishment system - as some of warnings/ may be not too serious or something what a player wanted to do... (example: helping others in help section or replying to posts and then being warned for spamming? Why should a player be warned in case he wanted to help someone as soon as possible. I think that the player won't/ didnt deserve it. 



So in my opinion, core requirements are impotant for each role, however TMP Managers should always check what a warning it was about. 


To be said, I will be more than happy to see some changes in future. 



Thank you so much

Have a great day


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Hey there, 


Great question! At this moment in time, we are not looking at updating our requirements. The reason behind this is that we have rules and procedures in place within the TruckersMP team and if you can't follow the rules we have in place on our platform(s), it shows that you would not be able to follow them within the Team. This makes you ineligible for the team. 


I can't speak on behalf of each management member and what they do for their team, but I do know that they check each warning and punishment given to everyone who applies and handle it as per their internal procedure they have.


Nonetheless, I appreciate the question, but we are not looking at updating any core requirements any time soon.


Thank you,


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