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Job dispatcher city names

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Suggestion Name: Job dispatcher city names


Suggestion Description: when using the job dispatcher to generate a job to or from a city that has a special character in its name (example ü, ù) you are unable to type that city name and have to manually scroll down the list of cities to select the specific city you want (Düsseldorf) if you start to type Du, it will not recognise that city name because of the special characters. my suggestion is to allow you to be able to type the actual city and it will show up even with the special characters. 


Any example images: https://ibb.co/34SfSNb


Why it should be added: make it more quicker and convenient for players to generate jobs from cities that have special characters in the name. Some people also use truck dispatcher, That allows you to actually type in the city name and it will take you straight to that city unlike TMP dispatcher. 

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^ For that you do press and hold alt then do 0252 on your numberpad then release alt.


Surprised people don't know about this....




To add:




This should help you a lot rather than me typing all I know, plus it'll save me some time.


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Either way, my suggestion still stands. a quick and easy way to select cities with special characters in would be to add the function to be able to type the actual city like Dusseldorf (like trucky) this is way quicker than scrolling down the list OR entering an alt codes etc. 

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