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Keybinds Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Logitech G29)


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Hey! As I was recently searching for a template that people use on there steering wheel. I found out that there is not that much information about what people use for binds on the steering wheel.

So I decided I made my own template and you can use it or change it to your liking.
I'm using a Logitech G29 and these are my binds on the wheel (I don't know the official names):

Shifter left: Blinker left
Shifter right: Blinker right

Dpad up: Hazard lights on/off
Dpad left: Left window down
Dpad right: Left window up
Dpad down: hand brake

🔺: Change light mode
◽: Horn
⭕: Signal with headlight
❌: Confirm / sleep / refuel / toll etc..

L2: Cruise control on
L3: Flashing lights on/off

R2: windshield wipers speed
R3: connect/disconnect load

+: Cruise control speed up
-: Cruise control speed down

Red wheel to the right: Cockpit view
Red wheel to the left: Change dashboard
: Motor on/off

Share: Change camera view
Option: pause menu
PS: Interieur zoom

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