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Add (or replace the Bluebus Bolloré SE by) the Iveco Evadys Line 13m or Karosa 95x Pack


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Suggestion Name: Add (or replace the Bluebus Bolloré SE by) the Iveco Evadys Line 13m or Karosa 95x Pack


Suggestion Description: Add or change bus vehicles for more consistency with the game and to better enjoy bus rides


Any example images: No


Why it should be added: 


It should be added because I think an urban bus for long distance and in a truck game is not consistency, and personally I don't always enjoy the fact that this urban bus can only go to 80 km/h.

So for the consistency the Evadys or Karosa (in a way) are more adapted for long ride as they are interurban buses contrary to the Bluebus and this two vehicule can go at least up to 100 km/h, and it can be really cool for long journeys or for the Arcade servers players I think.



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