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TMP failed to launch

Automatic Slicer


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You have to check the TMP settings firstly, once you press Browse, Head to a directory in which you don't have TMP installed, Literally a new/different one

Then press on Right click > Select New > Click on "Folder" > Create a folder named "TruckersMP"

Lastly, Click the new folder once to select it. Press "Select Folder" >  Save TruckersMP File 

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Hi there!
I noticed that you're having an issue with the launcher, specifically with downloading updates. I wanted to suggest that you check out this helpful thread which provides solutions for the Failed to download updates issue:

Make sure to read through the steps carefully and follow them closely. If you still have issues or questions after trying these solutions, don't hesitate to reach out to me or the support team.

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Hello @repack74,


Glad to hear you have been able to solve your issue!


Since there is nothing else here to help you with, I will be moving this topic to our Solved topics archive.


Happy Trucking!


//Locked and moved to Solved

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