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[SCS Blog] West Balkans - Border Crossing

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With 8 countries included in the upcoming West Balkans DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, something drivers will be doing a lot of is crossing border controls. With 30 of them in total, we recommend having your paperwork and documentation always in reach and ready. 


Each border control requires documentation checks and in some cases, the border agents or police may be required to conduct a deep inspection of your truck. This could be carried out by taking an X-Ray of your vehicle and trailer in a special building or by manual inspection. The reason behind these checks is for the security and safety of both the driver and the country, as there are many different rules and laws when it comes to what can and cannot be imported into a country. 


As you can imagine when creating a DLC on this scale, border controls vary in size and complexity depending on their location. From small border crossings found high in the mountains between Bulgaria and Serbia to large scaled crossings in Horgoš; each border crossing is unique in its own way. Our map and asset teams have constructed these crossings as realistically as possible. From researching how the border was constructed to recreating each lane and route, a lot of work has gone into them. 


In order to create these border crossings to the best detail possible, our teams had to create a huge number of new and unique prefabs and models. Over 130 unique assets were created for this project alone! This includes new vehicle models and animated characters who patrol and work at the border controls. 


Thanks to the locations of some of these border crossings, you will find some really interesting border crossings. Such as a border crossing found between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which is divided by a bridge over a river! 


Part of this project also includes the creation of 10 border crossings between existing countries in Euro Truck Simulator 2 which are Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria and Italy. Three of these borders are part of the Schengen area and do not require stopping. 


We are really looking forward to you visiting all these wonderful and unique countries in the future. Until then, make sure your documents are up to date and correct and keep on trucking.

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