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A /Connect Command in TruckersMP?


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Hey I Shadel


As you know, we have high ping and latency problems on the servers, when we don't turn on the lights, we get kicked from the server, when I'm afk, we get kicked from the server after 10 minutes.

and to reconnect to the server we close the game and run TruckersMP again and a loading screen, then server selection and then profile selection screens is very time consuming. There is also a wait while connecting to the server.


My suggestions are as follows;

  • After being kicked from the server, using the /connect command to queue up to connect again.
  • Accessing the server again by making a simple connect button in the game menu.
  • Or when we are kicked from the server, the tab key function will continue. Of course the list will be empty, on an empty tab keypad an extra button could be placed where the tabs are at the bottom, it could be a reconnect button.


As you know, small details create a big structure. Truckersmp is a community that does well to add these details. If these suggestions become valuable and we can see them in the game, many players will really like this feature.


Kind Regards 


TruckersMP Veteran Driver I


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Thanks for your suggestion.


Please use the format in the future.


The launchpad feature is designed to allow you to re-connect to the server. Besides, this only takes a few more seconds and doesn't take an extended amount of time.

Therefore, I will reject your suggestion.


Kind regards,


Community Manager

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