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Is being too slow bannable?

Guest Donovaughn


Guest Donovaughn

Ahoy hoy!

New around here, so not quite sure what's what.
Since I prefer to take more scenic routes I haul through the infamous Duisburg / Calais stretch sometimes.

Earlier today I got called out when I was almost stuck (With the 61t train cargo) at the ramp after Duisburg, since I lost momentum after someone cut ahead of me before the corner. Ended up traversing at roughly 2 km/h.


While the whole ordeal only lasted a painful half minute at full throttle, it did create a bit of a jam.

So to my queston: Is being too slow an actually punishable offense?

P.s. For reference, I am driving a 540HP Volvo FH with the 8 wheel chassis and 12+2 gear.



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I guess it depends on how slow you are on the C-D road and the Game Mod itself, as there's a lot of traffic going on. I've seen a lot of people asking this. So, you shouldn't be too slow for a certain time as it might be considered as blocking, for example something between 10-30 km/h, but Game Modertors usually warn first before doing anything, but you'll get kicked or teleported to the service station if you ignore them.


"§2.3 - Blocking*

Restricting a user's travel path, blocking entrances to highways or other entry points or anything similar. Failure to use the service feature (F7+Enter) when needed might result in a punishment."

You can read the rules there: https://truckersmp.com/rules


Also, you might want to get a more powerful truck when you're driving on the C-D route, so this doesn't happen. For example 750hp and a 6 gear or don't drive a heavy cargo on that route with less powerful trucks. 


I hope this could help you!

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