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XueTu VTC's Photo?

XueTu V P ChangAn

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10 小时前,TnT404 说道:

你好 @雪兔副总裁长安


我们很高兴地宣布您的帖子已获得批准! 祝你好运! 

请注意,如果您的主题超过 1 个月处于非活动状态,很遗憾,我们将不得不将其移至存档。




Best Wishes,From ChangAn? 

The vice president of XueTu VTC



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Hello @XueTu V P ChangAn,


Since your topic has been inactive for a specific period of time, I am going to move it to the Archive to keep the forums organized.

If you wish to get your topic restored in the future, feel free to contact the Media Team.


//Topic has been moved to Archive due to inactivity


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