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TMP Server suggestion


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Suggestion Name: TMP server suggestion for realistic gameplay.


Suggestion Description: so iv played ets and started ats aswell iv noticed alot of places do have a “non-collision areas” eg loading bays and some other spots 


i had the idea for a few months for the “professional drivers of TMP and to add realism to TMP to simulator real life that a server for 
• standard SCS TMP server 

• Promods TMP server 


that a server for the category stated above that we have a severs made where

“non-collision areas” do not exist so that the professional drivers of the TMP world can have realistic play where working together to manoeuvre around loading bays ect just to add to the realistic value of driving in the real world . Wanted to suggest this a while ago but didnt think much of it 


Any example images: no images to provide


Why should it be added?: i think this should be added for a more realistic, professional and situation awareness in the game for more fun gameplay for the hardcore drivers 


and to perhaps introduce a system where your driving is montiored and you cant just join the realistic server if you have a poor driving score so it can be strictly for professional hardcore drivers 

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Thanks for your suggestion.


Unfortunately, after reviewing your suggestion, we have taken the decision to decline it.

This is because we don't really want to "split" the community up. NCZ areas are there to avoid large amounts of traffic causing blockages etc.


Thank you for understanding.


Kind regards,


Community Manager

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