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Adding downvote, angry emotes and more forum improvements

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Suggestion Name: Adding downvote, angry emotes and more forum improvements

Suggestion Description:


Add a poll system like the picture below, if its not possible, add downvote emote. 


Add angry emote, or add a system that we can put any emotes we want. Like discord, 2nd picture below.



Any example images: 




(Like Reddit)






Why should it be added?: Sometimes there are suggestions that I don't like while reviewing some suggestions and I move my mouse to downvote as I am used to from other forums and reddit, but since there are no negative emotes, I can only throw the :sad: emoticon. If I get angry/don't like something, I can only text, which is actually spam.

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Hello there @dogearmy (1410)


An angry emote will not be added. This is very likely to encourage unfriendliness and to potentially encourage a negative atmosphere within the community.


However, I will move your up/downvote suggestion to the suggestion pool.

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