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Traffic Lights for the Calais highway entrance and exit

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Suggestion Name: Traffic Lights for the Calais highway entrance and exit

Suggestion Description: Add traffic lights to the Calais highway entrance and exit to get more control over this very dangerous and stressfull area

Any example images: CalaisSpot.jpg.c8e08e76007bf1182425abddd8df2c98.jpg

Why should it be added?: If I'd have to choose one place that I'm afraid of driving on when the server is full, I'd choose this place. The mixture of massive traffic volume and impatient drivers makes it so unpredictable. That's why I suggest to add traffic lights. Just like the Duisburg crossing, It would give the drivers some confidence, improve the traffic flow and significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

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This has been suggested in the past, and rejected. This is a normal highway junction designed to be used in this way, regardless of traffic volume.


Also, any changes to the CD road and surrounding areas will be designed internally by our Add-On Team in advance.


// Rejected

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