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Verified VTC's Headquarters | Depot Map Additions

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Suggestion Name: Verified VTC's Headquarters | Depot


Suggestion Description:  Verified VTC's have worked hard to get on the Radar. Whilst this maybe arguable about extras and what ever I think Verified VTC's should get a company headquarters added to the map. All you would have to do is add a Garage, with a fuel station, and a decently sized "Parking area" for them to play around in, now, this should not be a NCZ although I guess public would use it, which means you could use it,
Simply add the company logo to a sign post outside saying Welcome to "Company HQ or depot" 

Verified VTC's would be able to choose where there main HQ is located, however it must be disallowed in major populated areas, such as Duisburg, Calais, Kirkenes, for example.


Any example images:  I do not have any images, im not good at editing, maybe somebody whos could at doing this could maybe post something


Why should it be added?:  This would help with convoy management, and company meet ups, it could also act as a starting and or end point for VTC Convoys, Public + Private ones, if companies drive past other companies they could be used as "rest stops" or fuel fixers should it be a long run. personally i think this a great feature for running VTC's although a lot of work for the development team, which is why your company must be verified and not validated. 

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Thank you for submitting your suggestion to us.  

I've read into your suggestion and sadly I've come to the conclusion that this is not something we would be able to implement into TruckersMP that easily.  

It's not easy for us to implement something like this easily, let alone do it 50 plus times over again. 

Adding 50+ specially added items into the game will make the servers run slower and therefore lag the server a lot.

This is not something we would be interested in implementing into TruckersMP.  


Yes verified VTC's have come a long way to achieve where they are right now but we cannot add something like this.  


Kind regards,

Schak Bruijn

TruckersMP Community Manager


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Schak Bruijn

Views expressed are my own and do not represent anyone else.

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