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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, Im not sure if this is something that's fixable, but I thought I'd try and ask. So after I started ATS MP I noticed that I was getting a lot of lag/freezing/stutters when other players were near. This isn't something I experienced before when playing ETS2MP - My FPS would drop around other players, but I would keep driving at the same pace. With ATS I'm freezing on the highway, being dangerous to others around me. I see people behind me swerve after a freeze, something I used to have to do myself since only other people were laggy. So how do I fix this (if it is fixable)? I tried using low detail models, and reduced 'smoothing distance', but it doesn't really seem to have made a noticeable difference. Are other people experiencing the same, and is it a problem with the MP client, or is it just me and I'll have to live with it? Help appreciated Edit: Example (though you probably know what I mean)