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Found 4 results

  1. Last week Myself and Pascal from Truckers.FM were lucky enough to be invited the beautiful city of Prague visit SCS Software! (and of course, see the sights and eat some fantastic food!) So, your probably wondering. What is the reason for this trip? Well to be honest, we've always wanted to visit the Czech Republic, especially Prague. It's been on my list for a while and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to visit it. It's a beautiful city with a rich history which is prevalent to see when you walk around. From the old trams to the beautiful cathedrals, Prague is a city I'd happily get lost in, with surprises around every corner! If you love food, and drinking then your in luck! Prague is pretty well known for (in some areas) having beer that is cheaper than water, and having some very tasty dishes. Our long-time friend RootKiller was able treat us to our very first Czech Dish! I personally had Beef Goulash and Bread Dumplings (Also known as Hovězí Guláš) It was incredibly tasty, and those bread dumplings we're just fantastic. But enough words, let my picture below do the talking! NOM. To jídlo bylo vynikající! Enough about your stomach! What did you do at SCS Software's Offices!? We we're incredibly privileged to be invited to the home of SCS Software. Before we even get into detail on how it was visiting the offices, we like to extend a HUGE thank you to RootKiller, Nemiro and Pavel for being so kind to allow us to visit and take us around and introduce us to everyone and just put up with a couple of fan boys basically! But seriously, Děkuji ! I may or may not of intentionally blurred some PC screens. Or maybe they actually are working on a whirlwind DLC. You'll never know. Nemiro was kind enough to take meet us and take his own time out to take us around the offices, and first thing is WOW. If you haven't already, vote for SCS Softwares offices for the best one of 2018 (http://blog.scssoft.com/2018/01/meeting-room-of-year-competition.html) because they really are fantastic. Each area or section (as seen above) is dedicated to a project/game or task, with a Whiteboard/Sliding TV and Meeting area in front which are used for team meetings and briefings, and for drawing 8/8 memes on them (which we totally loved, keep on drawing!) There are also lots of little meeting rooms, and offices which can be used for individual work or one on one meetings. They have also have a boss break room. Fatboy Pillows, Coffee, Tea and a great view. Just awesome. One thing we noticed when being taken around the offices was that each member of the team was working hard. From what we saw, every member was dedicated to their task that day, it was fantastic to see such a great team spirit and everyone just cracking on with what they were working on. It really gave myself a sense of how much SCS Software care for their community, their games and how much they really are listening to us. Did you do anything else in the offices? Absolutely! Besides our fantastic tour, in which we met a lot of fantastic people (including George.. you know George! He owns George's Radio in the Scania R/S Truck!) We got to have a try at their Motion Simulator which is used for testing as well as just having fun on. They were the same ones used in the Truck Racing Tour with SCS as featured on the blog. It was a lot of fun, driving on it makes you aware of how bad of a driver you maybe, especially when you crash. Which I did not.. *cough* SCS as a team also came up with an idea prior to our visit to create something special for us at Truckers.FM for our contribution to the community experience for truckers around the world. Your reading it here first, and soon you'll be hearing it! That's right, we were lucky enough to jump into the in-house studio (used to process truck sounds and also everyone favorite In-Game Menu Music!) to create some special Jingles for Truckers.FM which you'll be hearing very soon EXCLUSIVELY on Truckers.FM As you can see, those involved (including Pavel Šebor the CEO!) had a ton of fun. Heck, some even bought their own instruments to play for the recording session From didgeridoos to ukulele's we made some pretty fun Jingles for listeners to enjoy while trucking. Again, we were massively grateful for this experience and time we had to chat and bond with the team. It really will be something we won't forget. There is honestly so much more I could write about our experience, but I think i'd have to release it as a book if that came to be. In short, we are super thankful for the friends we met and made in Prague, our time there and the relationships we got to build. It made me smile ear to ear knowing that a lot of the good folk there knew who we were and what we did, and loved what we do. They work with passion, dedication and some good food dishes from a downstairs cafeteria. If you have any questions about our trip, I'm happy to answer them! I hope you enjoyed this small report on our trip, and well. Thank you to you all for supporting TruckersFM to get to this point! Your all fantastic, Happy Days! Much Love London! TL:DR - Food, Drink, SCS Offices, Recording, Driving, Fun.
  2. Junior 3D Grafik - SCS Software

    Junior 3D Grafik Naše společnost otevírá nové pracovní pozice pro schopné a talentované nadšence do 3D grafiky. Rádi rozšířili naše řady a týmy podílejících se na projektech pro Euro Truck Simulator 2 a American Truck Simulator. Hledáme především zájemce s nadšením pro práci v herním odvětví. Vhodné i pro absolventy. Více informací v odkazu níže. http://www.jobs.cz/rpd/1210568652/?rps=233
  3. Hello, First - Scania T. I think that we all used the Scania T mod , and we know how good that is . I started using that mod after I have seen a Scania T in real life (I was like: I have to drive that truck!) but I think that a model created by SCS could be better than the mod , and we could use it in MP aswell . How much would cost SCS to buy/use the Scania T model and put it in their game ? I am sure that It won't happend too soon , since they just added the Mercedes . But maybe in the future , they could add Scania T aswell . Second - American Truck Simulator I am sure that ATS will be great and so on , but after the release of ATS , will ETS2 still be updated ? Will they just abandon ETS? Would you guys enjoy playing ATS MP more than ETS2 MP ? What trucks should we expect to be in ATS? Thank you, Regards. Teddy
  4. Schulz Transporte sucht neue Mitarbeiter!

    Wir von Schulz Transporte Germany suchen neue Mitarbeiter, die unser Team verstärken. Unsere Niederlassung ist in Köln. Weitere befinden sich in Berlin, Paris, Klagenfurt, London und bald auch in Skandinavien. Bei uns wird Kompetenz und Freundlichkeit sowie Respekt vor Fahrern, Personalleitung und insbesondere der Geschäftsleitung als auch Ingame Administratoren. Wir bieten dir eine Firmensoftware, damit wir der Realität so nahe wie möglich kommen. In Konvois fahren wir natürlich auch. Unsere Spedition findest du ausschließlich auf dem EU#1 Server. Es sollte für dich kein Problem sein von anderen auf diesen zu wechseln. Zurzeit suchen wir: - Personalleiter/in - Disponenten/in - Berufskraftfahrer/in - Supporter/in (u.a. in Teamspeak) - Moderator/in (in Teamspeak) Das solltest du mitbringen: Du solltest zwischen 14 und 17 Jahre alt sein (Ausnahmen möglich)Freundlich und Respektvoll gegenüber anderenETS2 mit Steamregistrierung (sprich MP)Du solltest mehrmals die Woche ETS2MP spielen (min. 2x)Grundkenntnisse der StvO sollten vorhanden seinHeadset sowie TeamspeakFirmen Steam-Name ([schulzTransporte]Dein-Name[GER])TeamfähigkeitGANZ GANZ WICHTIG: Spaß am Spiel Das bieten wir dir: eigene Firmensoftwarekompetentes und hilfreiches sowie freundliches Teameigener Firmenskin (gestaltet aus Standard Skins)eigene E-mail Adresse (ausgenommen Fahrer)eigene Homepageunbefristeter Arbeitsvertrageigene Fahrerkarteeigenen Teamspeak Server Wir haben dein Interesse an unserer Spedition geweckt und du möchtest ab sofort bei uns dabei sein? Oder du möchtest noch mehr Informationen? Kein Problem! Besuche jetzt unsere Homepage indem du HIER klickst! Du möchtest direkt zur Bewerbung? Dann klicke HIER! Für weitere Fragen o.ä. fülle bitte HIER das Support Formular aus. Danke! Mit freundlichen Grüßen ttrucker (Tim) Gründer/Geschäftsführer Schulz Transporte