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Found 1 result

  1. Gameplay Chronicle

    Servers Speed limit 97

    euro Truck simulator, Formula 1, Rally, Fifa. All of this games have a specific purpose: simulation, racing, football. I suggest a 97 kmph speed limit, for all servers. There is no reason to have a higher speed limit than this, because we are talking about trucking, and in gaming simulation you have no idea who can drive and who can not. A convoy must have a 75kmph top, to consider it professional convoy. With 97kmph, you will close the 10 game km gap, within 35 seconds Most of the verbal abuse on chat, is because of high speed. Most of accidents have a speed reason. It is obvious that if a player wishes a high speed, he wishes for a racing game not a truck simulation. I think the basic idea is education, and you can do it by limiting the speed to 97kmph, specially for the youngest, which eventually, will want to drive in real life. I think most of the community issues will be solved with this.