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Found 58 results

  1. CupraTR

    Cupra Screenshots

  2. Tor2141

    Favorite truck brand poll

    What's your favorite truck brand? You can check out my trucks here: https://tor2141.imgbb.com/ Let me know what you think about these.
  3. Hi, today I will tell you which truck is best to buy for beginners. > This is totally based on my opinion and experience. Each and every truck is unique and best for different features, Try each and every truck in-game and you will know which one is best for you. [ Please, Comment which Truck is Best and Which one is Worse in your opinion. Don't forget to mention the reason ] DAF I like DAF because of their design. This is best one for beginners Same basic engine as scania (360HP) Basic price is just 96K I recommend the XF 105. Mercedes-Benz If you have more than 100K than this is one of the best trucks in game I love side-skirts for 6x4 Powerful engines Best for towing I recommend New Actros Volvo Same as Mercedes expensive but good. Basic design Perfect for heavy trailers Most powerful engines [750hp] FH16 is the best MAN Good price, quality and design of vehicle 320HP engine (Same as mercedes) under 100K The TGX is nice Iveco This truck is cheapest in game Nice design Basic power just 310HP I recommend the Stralis Renault I do not recommended it Poor quality & expensive 450 HP Engine sounds like 10HP For the same (or lower) price you can buy Volvo, Man, Iveco, DAF or Mercedes-Benz Slowest truck Scania I love Scania trucks (best design) Basic price 112K Not recommended to new users (Expensive) Powerful engine [730HP] i recommend either the R 2012 or the new S series _____ Hope this GUIDE will be helpful for you. Please, Comment which Truck is Best and Which one is Worse in your opinion. Don't forget to mention the reason. [ Please mention if Information is wrong ]
  4. simba20145

    bus on ets2mp

    Suggestion Name: Scania Touring 1.34.x Suggestion Description:Features bus: - independent bus model - hiqh quality 3D model - hiqh quality detailed interior - hiqh quality detailed exterior - passangers seats - the model has own interior– the model has AO Texture – A lot of Options And Addons – Interior Accessory DLC Ready! – Template Ready! - Indonesia Flag Cabin addon- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer - the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat - the choice of engine power - the choice of transmission and gearbox - the choice of wheels configuration - choice of color body / metallic paint / skins - correct position of the Scania logo - Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals; - The correct position of the player – There are external tuning - passangers mod included - Supports all major functions of the game - buy in Scania dealer Any example images: no Why should it be added?: because I like buses and that is something different than the truck and the skoda car and I think that most people also agree that there is a different type of vehicle than the truck and the car you and because there is 1 some cities is a bus stop and miss is therefore also ludic to add a bus and this is not so overpowert and not the bad so normal speed and acceleration
  5. Você que é fã dos caminhoneiros, caminhões e simulador de jogo, agora terá motivos de sobra pra continuar na estrada! É isso mesmo, pois trata-se de uma temporada em que seus km's são pagos, você faz as viagens programadas no Euro Truck Simulator 2 e ganha por isso! Para poder participar é muito simples, basta cumprir algumas exigências que estão no regulamento e esperar ser chamado para você começar ganhar dinheiro de verdade! Não perca mais tempo, solicite o regulamento pela steam em mateussoave, envie uma mensagem com com o Assunto "ETS2 RealMoney" e boa sorte! Ah e não esqueça você deverá ter o programa virtual speditor!
  6. mateussoave

    Comboio GCEE

    COMBOIO OFICIAL G.C.E.E - 13/04/2019 Olá, convido a todos para mais um comboio da GCEE, a empresa mandante desse sábado será a SBS Xpress e estão todos convidados a participar, como de costume todos os nossos comboios são observados por GMs da TruckersMP, então sigam as regras para evitar penalidades. Abaixo estão algumas Informações do comboio: Data: 13/04/2019 Concentração: 20h00 (Horário Oficial de Brasília) Saida: 21h00 (Horário Oficial de Brasília) Cidade de Saída: Milão (Libellula) Cidade de destino: Frankfurt (WGCC) Carga: Escolha ou crie uma carga ! Servidor: Euro 2 Server Reserva: Euro 3 REGRAS Não é permitido ultrapassar no comboio. Respeito às Escoltas, GMs e todos acima de tudo. Contamos com sua presença! . Ordem de Saída e maiores informações disponível em nosso site. Acesse nosso site: http://www.gcee.com.br/
  7. gαмαя01-ѕѕנвℓυє


    Hola, últimamente he visto a gente conduciendo con un trailer con la apariencia de scania, con el logo de scania, o de volvo o de alguna marca. Quiero saber como se pone dicha apariencia al trailer. Gracias :) // Hello, lately I've seen people driving with a trailer with the scania skin, with the scania logo, or from volvo or some brand. I want to know how that skin is put to the trailer. Thank you :)
  8. rockman465372

    Scania T cab

    Do you think Scania will ever liscence SCS to allow them to use the Scania T Cab in MP or single player with out the mod I think it would be a great element in the game. Or maybe Evan the Renault T range but I heard Renault T maybe Evan coming yet what don’t you think BTW I know Scania have no say on the Renault T I didn’t want to create a whole new topic on Renault T
  9. Mercedes Princess

    Multiplayer Mercedes Grill Lights like scania?

    hello dear ets 2 community I have a video of darwen chucked where a mercedes grill lights had I would like something synonymous have you know how it works I am super with trailer modding in MP but trucks, I have no idea. link: (the location in the video is in link)
  10. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    What is the best truck brand?

    What is the best truck brand? . Which brand of truck do you like? Which truck do you choose in multiplayer? Why you support this? What factors have to support this? Please leave a comment ...
  11. Bonjour et bienvenue à toutes et à tous, L'entreprise Team Transport FR est une entreprise sérieuse, active avec une excellente ambiance. Le siège social se situe à Lyon. Nous faisons tous types de livraisons à travers toutes l'Europe (marchandises classiques aux convois exceptionnels). Nous roulons sur le serveur EU2. Nous sommes 24 chauffeurs dont 2 voitures pilotes. Nous recherchons des chauffeurs et des voitures pilotes qui sont matures, sérieux, motivés et actifs. CONDITIONS DE RECRUTEMENT: - Parler français - Vous devez avoir au minimum 15 ans. - Vous devez impérativement avoir un compte TRUCKSBOOK. - Vous devez avoir un compte sur World Of Trucks. - Les DLC "cartes" sont recommandés pour participer aux convois organisés. (deux convois chaque semaine, un convoi avec DLC requis et un autre sans) - Avoir un camion de marque Scania. - Pour qu'on puisse communiquer ensembles, la présence sur discord est obligatoire avec un français correct et respectueux envers les membres et le personnel. DÉROULEMENT DU RECRUTEMENT: - Le chauffeur rempli un formulaire de candidature qui est fourni dans le salon candidature. - Le chargé de recrutement étudie la candidature et donne la réponse dans le salon réponse candidature. - Si la candidature est acceptée, il passe un entretien oral. - Si cela est concluant, il passe à la parti conduite. - Après validation nous passons à la partie administrative - Pour terminer le chauffeur commence avec l'échelon chauffeur stagiaire jusqu'à 5 000 km pour l'entreprise puis passe chauffeur. ÉCHELONS ENTREPRISE: - Chauffeur stagiaire: 0 à 5 000 km - Chauffeur 5000 km à 25 000 km - Chauffeur expérimenté: 25 000 à 200 000 km - Chauffeur légendaire: 200 000 km Pour plus d'informations n'hésitez pas à me contacter https://discord.gg/vBhpw9T https://trucksbook.eu/company/20246 Au plaisir de vous rencontrer prochainement
  12. Kust1k__

    double trailers

    I need your help: I bought a garage in Scandinavia to buy a double trailer there. I bought the trailer, happy went back to his garage (in Berlin) have kept the trailer, and how you want to take the burden and there are loads only in Scandinavia. What to do so I can go all over the map with loads? I've seen people drive trailers like that around Germany. Help me please!
  13. NORD SÜD LOGISTIK GMBH Tobiasjohn84 / Veranstaltungsteam www.alphafungamer.de Grafik ***** Wir suchen neue Fahrer einfach melden .... GeburtstagKonvoi SimLiveRadio sei dabei ... Update 1.32.3s, Krone Trailer Nord Süd Logistik GMBH -Ets2 LG Tobiasjohn84
  14. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Wir stellen euch hier Mercania vor! Wir sind eine eher lässige Spedition. Wir wollen einfache Konvois, Wir wollen Unabhängigkeit bei dem Fahrtbuch's, Und wollen nicht nur mit einer Marke fahren, dazu seien PKW's auch erwünscht. Ein Speedlimit hauptsächlich nicht vorhanden, und du bist nicht verpflichtet bei uns Internen "Events" teilzunehmen! Dazu fordern wir nur eine Sache, Seid im gewissen, euren Tag (nicht Username) auf "Mercania [Fahrer]" umzuändern. Sei mindestens 15 Jahre jung/alt (Jünger = Erlaubnis erfragen) Habe im Gewissen, Discord zu besitzen und den Server zu betreten Besitze einen LKW der Marke: Mercedes, Scania oder Volvo (ohne Voraussetzungen) Wir nehmen nur strikt Member an und behalten das Recht User aus der Spedition zu entfernen. - - - Einteilung - - - Gründer - EdiK2001 - Ange03 (Losas HD) Entwicklung und Verwaltung (Website): - EdiK2001 Mitgliedverwaltung: - EdiK2001 - Ange03 (Losas HD) Eventverwaltung: - EdiK2001 - Ange03 (Losas HD) Video: - EdiK2001 Fahrer: [Es werden (mit)Fahrer gesucht] :3 : EdiK2001 [Genauso wird gesucht] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ein VTC-Programm: Zurzeit keine in Nutzung!
  15. DJZephyr

    Scania S or Scania R?

    Scania S or Scania R? Both trucks are essentially the same truck, although the Scania S is bigger than the R, that is just about the only difference between the two... I personally drive a Scania S, but I was wondering which truck you guys prefer? Keep on trucking! DJ Zephyr SimulatorRadio.com
  16. aaaMArtin

    Headlights from new Scania spawn late

    Mod Version: Version Controllers Used: Xbox 360 controller Description of Issue: Headlights from the new Scania's spawn in very late. This means that during night, people driving the new Scania will be "ghostdriving" up until just before they pass you. This happens even when draw distance is on max. It applies for both front and rear lights. How to reproduce: Just observe when you get passed by other players in the new Scania. Screenshots / Videos: 4 pictures showing how the Scanias are drawn in as they pass. Notice the missing lights. During night they are very hard to see until the last moment.
  17. SBSX Depoa Gamer [019]RS

    scania da oficina

  18. TruckerWolff

    Scania truck bug

    hey everyone i don't know if its just my game, because every scania truck i come across has a invisible grille and i dont know how to fix this can someone please help!!
  19. Hey liebe TruckersMP-Gemeinde! Die frisch gegründete Virtuelle Spedition ,,United Logistics Germany'' sucht offene und verantwortungsbewusste Mitarbeiter. Ich suche zurzeit: - Berufskraftfahrer (m/w) Ich habe ein großes Ziel mit der Spedition: Groß werden! Und Ihr könnt mir dabei helfen! Zurzeit steht leider noch kein TS zur Verfügung, aber der folgt demnächst. Die Spedition entstand aus der ehemaligen MCLS GmbH, diese wurde aber leider geschlossen, wegen Fachkräftemangel. Um weitere Informationen zu erhalten, guckt einfach auf meiner/unserer Website vorbei. Normalerweise müsstet Ihr ein Bewerbungsformular ausfüllen um sich bei uns zu bewerben (außer auf der Polnischen und Englischen Internetseite), dies ist jedoch zurzeit auf allen Seiten nicht notwendig. Vergesst bitte nicht, in der Bewerbung euren Vornamen, euren ''Wunschberuf'', Steam Profil und TruckersMP-Profillink einzufügen. Dies ist dringend notwendig. Eure Bewerbung schickt Ihr anschließend an diese Email Adresse: [email protected] WICHTIG: WIR RECHNEN MIT DEM TOOL ,,TRUCKING-VS'' AB! Ich freue mich auf eure Bewerbungen! MfG - Martin
  20. BlackVector017


    Hi, can I get a Scania semi-trailer in other places than Stockholm?
  21. Die WLWDBT sucht Fahrer! Wir, die Wir-Liefern-Wie-Der-Blitz Transporte suchen noch Fahrer und Leute in der Verwaltung. Wir sind eine sehr neue Spedition und möchten so schnell wie möglich eine der größten werden! Wir suchen Fahrer ab 14/15 Jahren. Voraussetzungen dazu sind, Geistige Reife so wie Aktives Engagement. Wir bitten jeden Fahrer sich bei Sped-V Anzumelden und unserer Spedition beizutreten. Bei weiteren fragen bezüglich unserer Spedition, kommentiert bitte unter dem Post! Gute Fahrt Wünscht die WLWDBT!
  22. Biliyorsunuz ki oyunda Daf Grill İle V Led Yasak "Scania S 2016 İçin Söylediğimi Belirtmek İsterim." Bende Şöyle Bir Çözüm Buldum Mademki Daf Grill İle Yasak Bende Sadece game.sii Dosyasından 2 Kelime Değiştirerek Böyle Bir Yöntem Buldum . Tırın Görüşü Şöyledir; Hiçbir Yasaklama Almayacağınız Bir V Led Türüdür.Yapılımı İse Şöyledir; 1.) İlk Öncelikle Oyunumuza Girip Ayarlardan Tuşlar'a Girip En Aşağıya İnip Hızlı Kaydet Tuşuna Bir Tuş Atamalısınız. 2.) Yeni Bir "Scania S 2016" Tır Ve Ön Izagarasına Yukarıdaki Fotoğraf Gİbi Ledleri Döşeyiniz , Daha Sonra Ön Demirlik Kısmına Gelip 1. Sıradaki Demirliği Takınız Ve Daha Sonra En Sağ ve En Sol Tarafa Korna Koyunuz. 3.) Daha Sonra Tırı Satın Alıp Sür Deyiniz Ve Sürüş Ekranı Önünüze Geldikten Sonra Hızlı Kaydet'i Atadığınız Tuşa 1 Kere Basınız. Daha Sonra Alt-Tab Yapıp Masaüstüne Gelelim. "Belgeler/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/ Kullandığınız Save /quicksave" Kısmına Gelelim. 4.) SII Dosyanız Yoksa Şu Linkten İndirebilirsiniz. Link : http://s7.dosya.tc/server6/d2toun/SII_Decrypt.rar.html 5.) RAR Dosyasını Açıp İçerisindeki Programı "Belgeler/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/ Kullandığınız Save /quicksave " Atınız. 6.) Şimdi Yapacağımız İşlem Çok Basit; "game" dosyasını SII Dosyasına Sürükleyelim Sonra Önünüze Gelen Pencere Kapandıktan Sonra "game" Dosyasını Açalım. 7.) Daha Sonra Ctrl-F Yapıp Arama Yerine "scania.s_2016" Yazalım Ve Daha Sonra Birdaha Ctrl-F Yapıp Bu Sefer "f_grill" yazınız. 8.) Şimdi İse "horn1.addon_hookup" Kısmını Seçip Eğer Izgarada Kullandığınız Led Turuncu İse "smalllight6.addon_hookup" Beyaz İse "smalllight5.addon_hookup" Yazınız. 9.) Yaptıktan Sonra Kaydet Diyip Kaydetip Çıkalım Daha Sonra Oyuna Dönelim Ve Oyunu Kaydet Ve Yükle ye Girelim Ve Hızlı Kaydeti Açalım. Ve V Ledimiz Başarılı Bir Şekilde Oluşmuştur. Eğer İsterseniz Burdan Yapılış Videosunu İzleyebilirsiniz. İstersenizde Save Dosyasını İndirebilirsiniz. http://s7.dosya.tc/server6/5nzip1/56C3BC73616C.rar.html Save İçin Gerekli Olan DLC'ler; Scania Mighty Grifin DAF Tuning Pack Wheel Tuning Pack Turkish Paint Job Michelin Fan pack İyi Oyunlar Dilerim.İyi Eğlenceler...