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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I have 2 problems. First, I started playing with the multiplayer version yesterday, and always when I started a new job, I was already in late and I did the job and got nothing. Secondly, now I don't even have any jobs what I could choose from. Can someone help, how could I fix these? Thanks, I'll appreciate it.
  2. Hey, yesterday I took a job from Bern to Frankfurt. Half way, it was late. I decided to go to bed. Today I ended the delivery, and I was 57 hours too late... Is this because the time in the multiplayer goes on all the time even tho you aren't in the game? If yes how could I fix this? Thank you for antwortues. Drive safe, lipsiatrucker
  3. Hello every body, I have a problem with the ETS2 MP, because when I start a job , a message come to the GPS " the boss want his thinks, give him in time " but when I check my time do to my job, I have 0h.... and at the end of the missions, I have a penality of 200h late ... it's strange ? could you help me ? Other thing, I haven't walk mens in streets, y any cars ?! normal ?
  4. Everytime I finish a mission and deliver the stuff it says that I am 77000 hours late and get no money, can anyone help me with that? EDIT: Issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Hi, when i go onto ets2 multiplayer and pick quick job, as soon as i start it, i'm already late, without even moving.... as soon as i finish the job, it says i'm late and i don't get any money but if i pick another job, its normal, the next day when i play ets2 multiplayer again and select quick job, as soon as i pick a quick job and spawn into multiplayer again, it says i'm late, it only happens with the 1st job, is there a solution or a way around this? thanks
  6. I take a job occasionally.. I drive (mostly over the speed limit -100+mph) and..I'm thinking.. I am getting there early. No stops. No weight stations. No nothing but straight to the drop off. But... Says I am LATE. And it took me like... 567 hours to get there. When the total trip should have taken 5 hours and something...??? Whats going on? I am arriving ahead of the "Expected time".. not sure if this has anything to do with the problem. Edit -- Im not playing single player.. so didn't get the job there and then connect to MP. -- I do not have my own truck. Don't really want to edit save files to get free money. Shouldn't have to do this in the first place. -- Not sure where to sleep or press F7.. since I don't have my own truck. Kinda sad that I have to edit a cfg file each time to make jobs show up. Is this game broken??
  7. So I was about to finish a load, and almost to my destination my controller stopped responding, so I restarted my computer and finished my load, when I finished it said I was 95 hours late, how is that possible if I was only off the server for a few minutes?
  8. Hey truckers I think I saw a post about this a while back but I cant remember what was said about the matter. Im just wondering what is up with the in-game time. It seems as though if I stop playing and then start playing a few hours later my delivery is late. Does the game work in real time or what? Not a problem as I already have so many hours in MP that I've gotten used to it. Just wondering how the time is calculated. Thanks BellamyCraft
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