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  1. I take a job occasionally.. I drive (mostly over the speed limit -100+mph) and..I'm thinking.. I am getting there early. No stops. No weight stations. No nothing but straight to the drop off. But... Says I am LATE. And it took me like... 567 hours to get there. When the total trip should have taken 5 hours and something...??? Whats going on? I am arriving ahead of the "Expected time".. not sure if this has anything to do with the problem. Edit -- Im not playing single player.. so didn't get the job there and then connect to MP. -- I do not have my own truck. Don't really want to edit save files to get free money. Shouldn't have to do this in the first place. -- Not sure where to sleep or press F7.. since I don't have my own truck. Kinda sad that I have to edit a cfg file each time to make jobs show up. Is this game broken??
  2. I read where I could use V to use my microphone in game on Multiplayer. But.. nothing happens. My mic works fine in other games. Anything else I could try or have to do?? Also.. text/typing is not working either.....
  3. We will download the same mod from this site for ATS? Also.. will that be Multiplayer or just Single? thanks
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