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Found 4 results

  1. There are a lot of different ways to play ATS. I just upgraded to the Thrustmaster Wheel and shifter. What does everyone else use?
  2. Hey guys! I am looking to make a fully functional discord bot for all the vlc or guilds related to truckersmp, But give me your ideas! Your idea can be as big as you want! Just tell me and i will tell u if its doable, things for example notifying a player when he is approching a congested area someonething like that. Feel free to comment! Also i need a name for the discord bot buz i suck at giving names Thanks you!
  3. Also, What are all of your ideas on upcoming DLC's and updates for both ATS and ETS2? There are many things I would love to see in game but I'm curious as to what are the things all of you want the most. ATS: I would love to see more trucks. More specifically I want to see Freightliners. I also would like to see dump trucks. I know they may not be able to haul trailers but I would prefer to drive a dump truck over a car any day. I really don't think they would be that hard to make being that you can use the body and frame of any of the day cabs and just toss a dump bed on the back instead of a cabin. Speaking about cabin, lets see some of those wonderful accessories that we have ETS2! I want to look back in my cabin and see a TV at least! ETS2: I would love to see the entirety of the countries that were released in the DLC's For instance we only drive through the top of Italy and a portion of Sweden and Norway. Also Lets see some of those beautiful sceneries in Ireland! Both Games: The types of trailers we haul. I am unbelievably excited to get started with heavy hauling loads! Knowing that they are implementing loads like this that typically require a endorsement to haul tells me that in the future we could have double and triple trailers! Also, how abut we get out of our trucks. I want be able to do a pre-trip before hauling a load. I want to get out to pump gas!
  4. (Feel free to move this topic if posted in the wrong thread) So i have got a Question for the admins, @Forerunner Are you allowed to Edit trailers? .Sii editing of course. 1. They do not have larger hitboxes then the standard ingame hitboxes of these trailers (and cargo's). 2. These trailers do not contain any truck or car parts. 3. The blue Trailer as show is in the base game. ( if not mistaken) under /def/vehicle/trailer/truck_transporter/chassis.sii 4. the cargo's are from the base game (or from supported dlc's in multiplayer)( S.a. : SchwartzMüller dlc and High Power Cargo pack) 5. These should work in Mp and shouldn't give a auto kick So my question is. Are these allowed? If so i might release them as mods in the foreseeable future Examples: Base game Trailer + Base game cargo High Power Cargo Pack + Base game trailer http://imgur.com/f7UaLnI (Cargo's larger hitbox) Using the height ofset from the SchwarzMüller dlc
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