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Found 3 results

  1. In an effort to keep this section alive and well, I think this is a good way to try and bring some life here. I'm currently at work, so I don't have any pictures to post myself. What do you have? Please lets keep this to funny pictures (accidental glitches, true accidents with cooperating second parties, etc...) Easter egg finds, or stuff that's just generally interesting. Let's see what you got!
  2. Hyperspace

    Easter Egg

    Where is this? Guess it right and I'll tell you the exact spot.
  3. Digital

    ATS Easter Eggs

    American Truck Simulator Easter Eggs Hi guys, I've seen a few easter eggs around on American Truck Simulator. I thought why not create a thread with all of them we have found so far! Just post what you've got below and I'll add them to the thread. Vivat Krokus Description: This is a message made out of bushes to spell out 'Vivat Krokus', which means 'Happy Easter', or 'Long Live The Easter Eggs'. (Thanks to RayRay5) Location: Country road south of Redding. Military Base Ducks Description: There are 3 rubber ducks which bounce up and down, attached to small boats that can be seen in the military base. Location: South of Pioche. LA River Duck Description: In one of LA's rivers is a duck attached to a boat being pulled around a small area. Location: South of LA. Elephant Shrub Description: An elephant shaped from a shrub. Location: South of Pioche. Protesting Workers Description: There are a group of what appears to be workers protesting, with Police involved. There is also a dancing man on top of one of the roofs. Location: South of Pioche. Shack For Sale Description: A Shack MrCreeper's house at the side of the road with 2 'For Sale' signs pointing to it. Location: South of Pioche UFO Description: Many users claim to have spotted UFO's near Tonopah. On closer inspection these are 2 orange lights which fly across the sky. Location: (375) East of Tonopah Shadow Figure Description: A shadow figure of a person appears in the window of a house at night. Location: (58) near Bakersfield, Barstow Rainbow Posters Description: There are 3 posters attached to a wall in Winnemucca which have rainbows and unicorns on them. Location: End of (95), Winnemucca Traffic Cone Man Description: Also in Winnemucca are a bunch of traffic barrels shaped into a person giving passing traffic a thumbs up! Location: End of (95), Winnemucca
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