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Found 5 results

  1. Mineiro Uai

    error 500

    What happening? + 2 days!!!
  2. juan0507

    Fatal error, euro truck MP

    Hola buenas grupo requiero de su ayuda ya que no he podido jugar bien Eutro truck MP me sale este problema, siempre que juego y a los 10 minutos se me cierra y aparece esto, se los agradeceria mucho si me ayudaran con este error que siempre me sale - Hello good group I require your help since I have not been able to play well Eutro truck MP I get this problem, whenever I play and at 10 minutes it closes me and this appears, I would be very grateful if they helped me with this error that always comes out, sorry my english
  3. niekholland

    ets mp launcher not responding

    if i start eurotruck simulator 2 mulitplayer the launcher is not responding. i reinstalled eurotruck 2 and erutruck multiplayer but it is still not responding. how can i fix this problem??
  4. ABANALI37

    Ban appeal - The Cleaner

    1. Your In-game name when banned: FURKAN Ç 2015-05-19 18:37:25 2. Why you should be unbanned?:intentional disrespectful driving ramming wrong passing ep 3. Screenshot/Video (if applicable) : https://cloud2000.de/photo/#!Albums/album_657473326d70/album_657473326d702f416e6472656173/video_657473326d702f416e6472656173_494d475f32303135303531395f3139313634302e6d7034 1-0-10 seconds from green TIR no crashed I'm fast but no crashed. 2-. 1.45 2..00 seconds from I'm strip other TIR crashed balance to deteriorate Or lighten my punishment or removeThank you for your interest
  5. Hello. I am pretty annoyed since it's taken almost half a month for the developers to solve this crashing issue that everyone is having... When are they planning to fix it? It crashes every 5 mins in a city especially next to euro poort / rotterdam. I have seen SO many players complaining too so I can clearly see I am not the only one having this issue still... Also I have a bug report. It is raining almost constantly =/ it happens with the snow mod and without it.. It even rains when it's sunny. It's been affecting a few of my friends too