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Found 6 results

  1. MaverickTD

    G29 Layout

    Hey guys, curious as to how people have there keys mapped on the wheel. Waiting for my Heavy Hauler box to turn up, so in the mean time, I've put most of the buttons on my wheel. What do you guys have bound? D-Pad I use to Camera Down D- Is my engine L2 &R2 Indicators (Blinkers) L3 Lights R3 H-Beam +/- For Cruise speed Square - Wipers Triangle - Hazards Circle - CC X - Parking Brake Shift paddles for gears Red dial Thing? - Music Volume Return Button - Horn PS Home - Flash Any better layouts out there?
  2. well as title says, i have issues with my ps4 controller impu in mp in singleplayer the game recognizes the PS4 controller and lets me choose it in Options>Controls and there appears Wireless Controller but when i go into mp it doesnt it simply doesnt pick up the controller (Yes its connected by cable) i go even into imput wizard and it doesnt detect the controller i deplug it and plug it and still, restart the game and still it doesnt pick up the controller, but when i hop on in single player it appears idk why it doesnt in mp
  3. So I have been playing ats mp with my controller offline and online, but since my mouse broke, I can't log into my account. The cursor used to sign in is different than that of the cursor used to navigate the menu in ats. Please fix this problem

    G29 vs G920

    Hey guys! So, I will be buying either the G29 or the G290 this week. But, I'm just not sure.. what is the best buy for ETS2/ATS? I need help pls!
  5. Hi All, I was having a issue changing/mapping a few of my controls on my Xbox controller in-game. But... i finally found a fix and i think this guide may be helpful to players! Step 1: Go to options then click controls. Step 2: On the bottom click "Input Wizard". Step 3: Go through the input wizard. (Once finished please bear in mind you may need to change your deadzones again!) Step 4: Go back to Key's and Buttons and then click "Reset to defaults" Step 5: You now should now be able to map all your Xbox 360 controller buttons successfully on your controller without any trouble! If you have any trouble doing this.. feel free to contact me through this post by commenting on it Kindest Regards, Pheonix_Twitch
  6. Hi, I just installed the ETS MP and basically my xbox controller is still detected but it doesn't receive any input if I tap any buttons or triggers. The settings are set to 'Keyboard and Xbox Controller' and the controller works fine in other games/apps... I have also tried to re-run the input wizard but no input detected but controller is seen. Could I please have some advice if anyone knows what might be causing this ? Thanks very much, Myska.
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