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  1. DaFonz62

    Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    Australian trucking is WAY different from trucking in America or Europe. You have to worry about heavy flooding, uneven roads, and do the roads even exist now? sometimes the dirt roads get washed away by floods so badly they have to be rebuilt. The scenery would also be a lot different. Eucalyptus trees, as well as other types of trees, kangaroo warning signs where there is significant danger of hitting them (for some reason, Kangaroos don't look both ways when crossing roads! LOL). Plenty of destinations, and what Americans and Europeans would consider strange names for our country towns. Adding new problems like flooding possibility or just muddy roads where you can get bogged down would be a challenge, scenery could also add koalas on trees, kangaroos in paddocks, sheep, cattle crossing, etc. And if Texans think they have a big state, where everything is big, including the cattle ranches, well they have NOT seen ours. Texan cattle ranches are like sandboxes for little kids compares to ours. The SECOND largest cattle property in Australia is 60% the size of Belgium! We have all the types of trucks in both ATS and ETS in Australia, and it would be great to build a mixed fleet of them. You would have to get used to driving on the left, with steering wheel on the right.
  2. DaFonz62

    Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    There are lots of different trucks, depending on the situation,. REALLY heavy hauling, like moving an entire school (yes, it's been done) refrigerated containers, etc for normal hauling. Titan, Kenworth, Isuzu, Scania, among other. The Kenworth K200 is supposedly good for heavy hauling, and I'm sure there are plenty that like the Scania.
  3. DaFonz62

    Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    Green and Gold (Aussie Colors)
  4. DaFonz62

    Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    An Australian truck Sim would be great. New hazards like mud, heavy hauling, Road trains, East Coast trucking, and ferries from and to Tasmania to complete jobs from mainland Australia (which is what's done here in real life). West coast (Western Australia also need trucks to get products like food, tech, machinery, and countless other stuff from one city to another. Trucks go constantly from east to west, north to south, routes like Perth to Adelaide, or even Sydney, melbourne, and many other town and cities like Wagga Wagga, Gold Coast, Darwin, Maroochydore, Bega and many others. There are no lack of destinations in Australia.
  5. DaFonz62

    Game minimises to screen

    A short while ago my game started minimising to my screen, and I had to click on it the taskbar to expand it again. Apparently it was still running while minimised and I crashed. I had to restart from a save file, to get my trailer of its side. Has anyone else had this problem?