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World Of Trucks


Found 4 results

  1. 我遇到了一个问题:当我尝试进入在线模式时,游戏提示我版本不正确。 游戏版本: tuckersmp版本: 我应该怎么做才能正确进入在线模式, 我已经重新下载了游戏,并通过注册表确认了Trukersmp和ets2的游戏路径。 我可以提供的屏幕截图是如下: sorry for my bad English.
  2. Hello, i can not use world of trucks. My account is succesfully connected to world of trucks. If u choose "external assignments" i get the error "This service is not compatible with the current version of your game. Please check if there is a new patch for the game." If i press ESC, i get on the top left the message "Connection to World of Trucks has been broken" My ETS2 is on the beta version 1.37. I hope someone can help me. I didn´t found a topic about this. If you need more information like screenshots, please tell me. Thanks
  3. When I go to the launcher and hit the button "launch ETS2" It says that my version is but the essence is 1.36. And before you say that TruckersMP haven't released the new version ... I know. I had a problem even before the release came out of beta when it could be played. I tried 1.35 with temporary mods I tried None- Opt out of all beta programs. I tried uninstalling the launcher as well as the game but it doesn't work. A few days ago I downloaded American Truck Simulator but there is no problem. It says its version is 1.36 and is not compatible with multiplayer. I need your help. I saw another person have the same problem. Who fixed it, but the problem was with the HDD, but I didn't change it.
  4. I'm new. I hope I open up the right place. I apologize if it is wrong. TruckersMP supports ETS2. With the latest update ETS2 was upgraded to I can not play multiplayer right now. When will the problem come up?
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