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Found 4 results

  1. Hey... So I got some money, I have 23 garages and I dont know which one should I buy now. If you can type some of your most profitable garages it would be really awesome ^^ I appreciate every suggestion
  2. Suggestion Name: Speed Indicator for players also just like admin Suggestion Description: Hello, Hope everyone is well. Recently TruckersMP brought the new update, showing details like non collision zone, typing and horn showing on the top of the player's truck and also made it more feasible to see other players ping as the shifted bottom of the name. It was good and very helpful update. When update was announced we can see the speed of player was also visible and everyone liked it but were bummed when they came to know that it was for only admins. Why should it be added?: I request developers to make this available for all the players because a lot accidents can be avoided when we know the speed of players in front of us and players coming toward us. It will be so much helpful in convoys also to avoid accidents and it also enhances the driving experience of the players. I don't understand why it only available for admins not all the players. I can even think of one reason why only for admins. It is such a nice feature, it should for all the player. I request everyone to upvote this and help us to get this feature for players also. King Regards, Walker24480 TruckersMP Player (representing all the players)
  3. They could add a mode to re-establish the connection of the Trucks MP, without having to leave the game and enter again. I suggest adding a restore mode automatically. I'll be thankful...
  4. Dear game managers. i want to let you know that we need more game moderators. someone is always blocking my way. Plis take it in mind thx. -vetboss
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