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Found 3 results

  1. Hello,everyone! Have you had a wonderful moment and couldn't record it? Or want to report a player(s), but don't know how to record it? Contents: #1 OBS Studio (Need better computer configuration) #2 Radeon Software (Need "AMD" graphics card, if it is "Nvidia" graphics card, please go to #3) #3 Geforce Experience (Need "Nvidia" graphics card, if it is "AMD" graphics card, please go to #2) #4 Bandicam (Need to buy members) #5 Overwolf (Need better computer configuration) #1 The FIrst Video recording software: OBS Studio If you open it, it looks like this Recommendation:80% Reasons for recommending and not recommending: Its recording function is very complete, the picture quality is very powerful, the only deficiency is that it requires the user's computer configuration is very high! Requirement:Better computer configuration. OBS Studio official website #2 The Second Video recording software: Radeon Software If you open it, it looks like this Recommendation:50% Reasons for recommending and not recommending:It is only applicable to the recording of games, not for software recording, before you have it, you need to have an "AMD" graphics card. Requirement:"AMD" graphics card. Radeon Software official website #3 The Third Video recording software: GEFORCE® EXPERIENCE If you open it, it looks like this Recommendation:60% Reasons for recommending and not recommending:Compared with "Radon Software", the function of "GEFORCE EXPERIENCE" is very powerful. It can record your games, your software, and even take screenshots of your interface! Requirement:"NVIDIA" graphics card. Geforce Experience official website #4 The Fourth Video recording software: Bandicam If you open it, it looks like this Recommendation:80% Reasons for recommending and not recommending:Compared with OBS, Bandicam is undoubtedly a video recording software with complete functions, clear image quality and less system memory! But you need to buy it. If you have enough money, I recommend you use it! Requirement:Need money to buy membership. Bandicam official website #5 The Fifth Video recording software: Overwolf If you open it, it looks like this Recommendation:70% Recommender:JamesS014 Reasons for recommending and not recommending:This video recording software is James recommended to me, and then I downloaded it and used it. This software has a very good picture effect in recording, but it has the same disadvantage as OBS, which requires higher computer configuration.However, it's enough to record your TMP game! Requirement:Better computer configuration. Overwolf official website If you want to report a player, you can upload the video to Youtube or other vedio websites. You can refer to this post in the forum! If you have a better video recording software recommendation, leave a comment below!
  2. I have been wondering which recording software you all used for getting evidence while you drive on Multiplayer. I have used OBS Studio, Bandicam and Trucky Overlay to do so. I currently use Trucky Overlay because I think it's the best option out of all the mentioned above. This because OBS lowers the performance of my gameplay and Bandicam only allows you to record 10 minutes if you have the free version. Vote on the poll on which recording software you use, why and if your option it's not up there then type it in the comments!
  3. Junior 3D Grafik Naše společnost otevírá nové pracovní pozice pro schopné a talentované nadšence do 3D grafiky. Rádi rozšířili naše řady a týmy podílejících se na projektech pro Euro Truck Simulator 2 a American Truck Simulator. Hledáme především zájemce s nadšením pro práci v herním odvětví. Vhodné i pro absolventy. Více informací v odkazu níže. http://www.jobs.cz/rpd/1210568652/?rps=233
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