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Found 7 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Set the time until sleep by default Suggestion Description: The time you have until sleep doesn't work in MP, but we know sleeping is a mode to reset the job system. Obvioulsy, if the timer is "full", you can't rest and sleep and you can't reset the system. So I think you (with the mod) can set by deafult the timer: for example at 8h to rest pause in order to be able to sleep when you need and all times you want Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: You can sleep when you need and reset job system easily (avoiding the reset by config file)
  2. Ever since i reinstalled ETS2 and TruckersMP after Refreshing Windows i have had constant issues involving transport using the ferry/train as well as issues sleeping online. These issues are not apparent when in single player however this constantly happens on Truckersmp For example from Newcastle - Amsterdam you need to use the Ferry to get from the UK to mainland Europe. When i go to the harbour and attempt to use the ferry all i get is the World of trucks synchronising screen and a locked cursor not allowing me to do anything until i alt tab and kill the program. I have now tried reinstalling ETS2 twice and TruckersMP 3 times and i have used 3 separate profiles. My previously saved one, One i found online and a newly created one. All 3 of these profiles have the exact same issue. Is there any known fix to this? if so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me. Thanks -Louise
  3. Please help. Up until this point, when I logged in, freight market was empty, sleeping fixed it immediately. Now, that I'm not able to sleep, (because you're not tired at all to sleep, driven more than 3 hours IRL). Is there any way to access freight market jobs overview window. Going to each company and checking for jobs one by one is not a solution in my book. Thank you for any ideas .
  4. Hello Forum, my problem is, that my game freeze or crash wenn i try to ferry to another countries. I have it everywhere from sweden to poland or netherland to england ! !!! After my game crashed and closed it with Task-Manager i try to open this game in Singleplayer but then the game crash instandly after 5 sec ingame time while doing nothing. i reinstalled ETS2 thats why allready 5 times. NOTES: • Game installed ( complett and fresh ) • TruckersMP installed ( complett and fresh with and without ATS ) • New Ingame Profil ( no drivers and garage complett new ) • Windows 7 64bit new installed ( i have to do that cuz of another problems on my pc ) • all needed driver's installed ( completly ) • Support Ticket is open but no answere yet. I cant open a crash report txt because no feedback from the game and close it with Task-Manager I hope some one can help me. AND PLEASE DONT MAKE unusual comments ! greetings and sorry for bad english xD im from germany so maybe here is someone who can answere me in german ^^ Nice help .. NOT
  5. I´VE AN ISSUE WHEN I GO TO SLEEP, OR I DO QUICK TRAVEL, OR I GO BY BOAT: I don't know what has caused the issue and I don´t know how to fix it. Maybe you guys can help me. WHEN I DO THIS THINGS (SLEEP, QUICK TRAVEL ETC) THE GAME CRASHES AND THE SCREEN FREEZES.
  6. When I go sleep or teleport to service, game stopped and I can't do anything. Please help me with that problem
  7. Just added multiplayer and following to instruction to sleep or F7 to get back the jobs in the job market, i did it and i gained $3.6 mil in the space of the games sleeping time and my other crew guy has a 10.0 ranking from 1.7.
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