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Found 2 results

  1. Guide to Install the ProMods for Singleplayer As we have known in TruckersMP's official announcement (link), ProMods will be supported by TruckersMP soon with the release of v2.42 pack and relative updates of TruckersMP. Although the support has not been published yet, I believe there is a great amount of players who want to enjoy playing the ProMods in advance, excluding those who have installed ProMods before the reveal. So this is the for those who want to experience ProMods but don't know how to install it, only for SINGLEPLAYER. NOTE: This guide only serves for those who want to play ProMods as SINGLEPLAYER. The tutorial for multiplayer supports will be published by TruckersMP after the release of new version of both TruckersMP and ProMods, as says the news above. To begin with, you need to go to ProMods' Official Website (accessible by clicking), and create an account or login to your existing account via clicking the login button at the upper right corner of the web page. By following the step-by-step instructions of the website, you will easily create an account if you don't have any. After successfully login to your account, you will be accessible to the menu bar at the top left side of the web page, as shows the picture below. Then, please click the Download button and you will be accessible to the downloading process. Before starting your journey, you can first choose your language, out of many languages from all over the world (I didn't count it because the amount is very huge and it's useless for me) After selecting your language (I will show all contents in English throughout this guide), the first process requires you to generate a Def file, as a prerequisite to launch ProMods. Your web page will be similar to this: please click click here to generate your def file and your will be proceeded to a new page, like this: To generate the def file, you need to pre-estimate your PC, ranked by "low-spec", "average", "high performance" and "extreme performance", then choose what you think your PC can be classed. After choosing your PC level, please, based on the description, select your sound, damage and color preferences (I choose default as same to the base game). Then check the boxes if you have Rusmap and/or Special Transport DLC. Then after all configurations are set up, click generate and your def file will be automatically downloaded. After your file is fully downloaded (it would take only few moments), you can find your def file in your download folder, named like below: then please move your def file to the following directory: Document/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod. Please make sure that no any extra folder within the mod folder where your DEF FILE is located. Afterwards, you can forward to step 2, where you can download the core files of ProMods. As you can see in the picture, you will have two options to download the mod, by purchase with higher speed, or for free with lower speed (by average cost 5 times the time of downloading using the first option). If you wan to use the purchase method, just click the 2.41 Full mod in 1 archive button in left tab, and you will be able to see a new tab like this: (The price is 1 euro and will be displayed as equivalent to your local currency, such as US dollar for me) Then click Buy and Download button to begin your purchase. After you input all the required information of your bank card or connect your Paypal account, you will be able to complete your purchase by clicking place your order or something similar and you can access to a new download panel if you successfully submit your payment. At that panel your mod will be automatically downloaded or by clicking Confirm Download. Please follow the instructions on website that may guide you to download if there are any more steps. Due to the huge amount of the mod, it may cost you couple minutes to wait for its downloading. During this time please double check your SSD where your OS and Document folder is located and preserve at least 15 gigabytes to make sure that your mod can run perfectly. After your download is completed, you will get a compressed file named promods-v2.41.7z. Please use 7-zip or any decompression software that is compatible with .7z files to decompress the downloaded file to anywhere you can find later on. You can download 7-zip via this link. Then open your decompressed folder, you will see many .scs files and a .txt file named README. Please move all the .scs files to where your def file is located: Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod.You MUST put your core files and def file in SAME DIRECTORY, without any extra folders within the mod folder. After this, you are done before launching the game. If you choose to endure slow speed to download for free, in the right tab below, click every links one by one from 2.41 Multipack mod archive 1 to 2.41 Multipack mod archive 7 After clicking each link, you will be proceeded to a new tab, like the below. Then your archives will be downloaded automatically and all that you need to do is to move back (DO NOT CLOSE) and click the next link until you have clicked total of 7 links. Same with the previous method, head to your download folder and find tour downloaded files, decompress all the compressed files and move all the .scs files to Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod and DO NOT put these files to any extra folders within the directory. If you wan to play with trailer and middle east add-on, you can click Trailer & Company Pack v1.23 and Middle-East Add-On Pack v2.41, the packs will be downloaded automatically as the option 2, and use same method to decompose and move to the mod folder at the dedicated directory. After you fully move the files to the directory, your mod folder would include the files as shows in the picture below, of which the me-x and tcp-x files are not required if you want only to play the ProMods base map. Be sure that you have purchase and install all the 5 map-expansion DLCs in your steam account Then launch the ETS2 as Singleplayer and enable all the mods named with promods in your mod-manager tab then load your profile. If nothing accidental happens, you will be successful to play with ProMods. You can check on your map: if you can see Iceland at upper left corner, it indicated that you are in the ProMods. Good luck on your journey!!! Edmund Disclaimer: This guide is only for those who want to play ProMods as Singlrplayer, which is not the compatible pack for TruckersMP Multiplayer support. If you want to seek for MP support guides, this could not be what you desire. If you have any confusions, feel free to reply to this topic ?
  2. Is their a mod to use the the scout car in singleplayer and have access to all accessories as well.
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